Thibault & Associates Inc. has developed fully integrated processing systems for the treatment of industrial water sources, domestic water and industrial wastewater to comply with the most stringent high purity water quality specifications and environmental guidelines.

Our firm specializes in the supply of tailor designed process systems relative to the source water and treated water quality requirements for industrial processing, domestic water for municipalities or industry, high purity water for food processing, high pressure boiler steam production, high purity speciality chemicals, reclaim or recycle of wastewater and the discharge of wastewater to the environment.

Our execution of water treatment projects includes process simulation and prototype testing of the treatment process to demonstrate proof of concept, development of the control philosophy for reagent addition and treatment process chemistry to achieve optimum purity and reliability of commercial operations.

In addition to the optimization of existing systems, our firm has successfully applied water treatment technologies for industrial, utilities, municipal, and food and beverage sectors from conceptual treatability studies to turn-key installations.

Industrial Process Water


Treatment of surface or groundwater sources for use in industrial processing plants (pulp and paper, refineries and metallurgical operations) and boiler operations for high purity steam.

Domestic Water


Treatment of surface or groundwater sources for domestic/potable water to meet standards for municipalities, industry or food and beverage production facilities.

Industrial Wastewater


Treatment of wastewater produced by the chemical, metallurgical, manufacturing and power generation industrial sectors for reclaim of water or discharge to the environment.