Project Profiles

Thibault & Associates Inc. have developed process technologies for treatment of process water from surface, groundwater and reclaim sources and have optimized the performance of existing process water treatment systems for removal of organics, heavy metals, water hardness, suspended solids and other trace impurities.

In addition to water treatability studies, our firm conducts water balance assessment for chemical, pulp and paper, refinery, metallurgical and power generating facilities with PINCH assessments to provide recommendations for measures to reduce the consumption of process water.

Our most recent industrial process water treatment projects include:

AV Nackawic Raw Water Treatment and Water Softener System Process Intensification Study
Iron Ore Pellet Plant and Concentrator Water Recycle Systems
Syncrude Aurora Mine Reclaim Water Treatment
Coleson Cove and Dalhousie Generating Station Boiler Feedwater Treatment

Other industrial water treatment projects completed by our in-house team of professionals include the development of water treatment technology, design of treatment systems and optimization of existing facilities, including:

  • Beaver Brook Antimony Mine Reclaim Water Treatment
  • Mount Pleasant Mine Process Water Treatment
  • ADM Sour Water Treatment
  • US Steel Boiler Feedwater and Cooling Water Treatment
  • Biomass G.S. Boiler Feedwater Treatment Systems


Our Project Responsibilities

To assess process water demand and consumption for optimum utilization of source water and to provide full characterization of seasonal impacts on the quality and treatment requirements for surface water supplies.

To provide our clients with a complete assessment of process water quality specifications based on end user requirements relative to the main process product quality requirements.

Selection of water treatment unit operations and definition of multi-staged treatment processes based on source water and end user water quality specifications.

Our firm will provide process equipment specifications for equipment procurement and operating guidelines for treatment of process water relative to source water characterization.