Project Profiles

Thibault & Associates Inc. have developed process technologies for treatment of surface and groundwater sources and have completed design of process systems to comply with drinking water standards.

In addition to source water treatability assessment studies, our firm has conducted in-plant optimization studies to improve on operating costs, treatment system reliability and end user water quality relative to water storage and distribution system dynamics.

Domestic water treatment projects completed by our team of professionals include:

Well 3A Treatability Assessment and Opinion of Probable Capital and Operating Costs
E. John Bliss Water Treatment Plant Process Design
Louisbourg Water Treatment Plant
Holiday Inn Mactaquac Domestic Water Treatment System Performance Review

Other domestic water treatment projects completed by our in-house team of professionals include the development of water treatment technology, design of treatment systems and optimization of existing facilities, including:

  • Town of Oromocto Surface Water Treatment
  • Mount Pleasant Mine Potable Water Systems
  • Moosehead Brewery Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems


Our Project Responsibilities

Our development strategy for greenfield domestic water treatment facilities is based on definition of the best available technology to assure reliability and compliance with water quality standards.

Our firm conducts independent assessments of alternative technologies to assure domestic water treatment systems are tailored to source water composition and variability.

The management of treatability studies to confirm process chemistry, process design parameters and operating costs relative to optimum removal of impurities.

The management of domestic water treatment plant design and after care programs to assure compliance with project budgets and operating procedures.