Services_DiscoveryThibault & Associates Inc. uses the discovery and concept development stage of a project to identify processing strategies that strengthen your business and marketing plans. This first stage of project planningĀ involves four basic steps:

  • We collaborate with your project managementĀ group to delineate and clarify parameters of your business vision and processing requirements.
  • We research technical databases to examine proven technologies that could produce the natural resource-based commodity or high-purity chemical you want to market.
  • We assess ways to adapt proven technologies and to develop innovative alternatives that reduce production costs, increase product purity and boost product recovery.
  • We define other factors (e.g., technical specifications, environmental regulations) that shape how we select the most competitive approach to commercializing your product.
Key services we offer at this stage:
  • Conduct a technical review to identify proven technologies
  • Assess alternative process technologies and their commercial viability
  • Examine production economics and environmental criteria
  • Determine current product specifications
  • Investigate optimal market conditions and commercial opportunities