Thibault & Associates Inc. specializes in the development of process technology and design of industrial processing facilities within the metallurgical, hydrometallurgical, chemical and power generation industrial sectors.

Our firm specializes in the production of natural resource-based commodities, including development of process chemistry and design of unit operations for primary upgrading, extraction and purification of inorganic and organic compounds.

Our project experience includes the commercial development of processing facilities for the production of high-purity metals and inorganic compounds for the electronics, plastics, speciality chemicals, catalyst and alternative energy sectors.

To support the heavy industrial processing sectors, our firm has executed the development and design of ancillary processing systems such as process and domestic water purification systems, wastewater treatment systems and solid / flue gas waste management systems. We also specialize in processing technology for the treatment of process emissions containing suspended solids, heavy metals, organic compounds, sulfur/nitrogen compounds, carbon dioxide and odour.


Crushing, grinding and upgrading of minerals by heavy media, flotation, gravity and/or magnetic separation for base metal, hard metals, speciality metals and steel smelters.


Metal leaching and solution purification for the production of high purity metals and various other inorganic compounds used in electronics, plastics and speciality metal markets.


Reaction synthesis, extraction and refining of inorganic feedstock, heavy oil, biomass and natural gas for production of transportation fuels, petrochemicals and speciality chemicals.

Power Generation

Combustion, fuel handling, boiler feedwater and wastewater treatment, flue gas and solid / liquid waste management systems for steam production and power generating facilities.