Project Profiles

Thibault & Associates Inc. has developed a working knowledge of power plant boiler and environmental control unit operations such that we provide process development and design support for ancillary systems. As of 1980 our principal, Mr. J. Dean Thibault, developed reaction kinetics for flue gas desulfurization and since then has been actively involved with commercial scrubber systems for power plants, chemical and metallurgical off-gas treatment.

Our firm has specialized in the preparation of technical specifications for procurement of various environmental control systems including flue gas desulfurization, particulate removal from flue gas, bottom and fly ash handling and wastewater treatment systems. We have developed various technologies for wastewater management for the removal of heavy metals and organic compounds from power house, ash handling and flue gas desulfurization wastewater effluent.

Our most recent projects within the power generation sector includes:

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Refurbishment to Coleson Cove and Dalhousie GS
Wastewater Treatment Systems - Florida Power and Light

Boiler Feedwater Treatment Systems for Grace Dearborn / US Steel Installation

Other Power Generation projects completed by Thibault & Associates Inc. includes the development and design of processing systems for:

  • high purity boiler feedwater treatment – high pressure steam systems
  • wastewater treatment of FGD blowdown and power house wastewater
  • management and handling of solid waste – ash, gypsum and wastewater residue
  • fuel handing and preparation of solid fuels, combustion
  • flue gas treatment for sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and particulate, and
  • assessment of alternative fuels – coal, heavy oil emulsions, pet-coke and biomass

Our Project Responsibilities

Our firm provides chemical and process design support – from FEED studies to definitive design of power house ancillary systems.

We have specialized in the purification of water from alternative sources such as ground water, surface water, leachate, wastewater and water reclaim for end uses such as domestic, process and steam production.

In addition to plant commissioning, our team has developed in-plant performance assessment test programs for industrial plants – including process intensification programs.