Project Profiles

Thibault & Associates Inc. has developed various metallurgical processes for the production of high grade mineral concentrates from run-of-mine ore.

From the initial development of a processing concept (discovery) to the design of commercial production facilities, our projects are executed to comply with overall project economics, product market specifications and environmental compliance guidelines.

Our most recent projects within the metallurgical sector include:

Development of Dense Media Separation Process for Copper and Gold Recovery from the Ming Mine
Valentine Lake Gold Process Development
In-plant Optimization of Tungsten Recovery at Cantung Concentrator
Conceptual Economic Assessment of a Base Metal Concentrator for the Lundberg Deposit
Tungsten and Molybdenum Concentrate for the Mount Pleasant Property
Tin, Zinc and Indium Concentrate for Mount Pleasant Property
Copper Concentrator for the Nugget Pond Facilities
Recovery of Valuable Metals from Former Rambler Mine Tailings
On-site Demonstration Scale Dense Media Separation Evaluation for Copper-Gold Ore Preconcentration

Other metallurgical projects completed by our in-house team of professionals include the development of process technology, design of processing facilities or feasibility – process intensification studies for the production of:

  • base metal sulfides including antimony, copper, lead and zinc
  • precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum group metals
  • oxide metals including titanium, tin, tungsten and iron
  • specialty metals such as rare earths, gallium and manganese
  • nickel, cobalt, lithium, indium, bismuth, molybdenum, vanadium and
  • industrial minerals such as potash, graphite, calcium and magnesium


Our Project Responsibilities

The execution of projects to comply with our Client’s business and marketing plan.

The development of process technology tailored to the unique characteristics of run-of-mine ore.

The development of process simulation and computer models to quantify the economic viability of the project relative to ore tonnage, grade, recovery and market price.

The management of test programs to assess the technical viability of the proposed metallurgical process and to quantify the design parameters for project feasibility studies.

The coordination and management of plant design as an integral part of technology transfer from conceptual discovery to commercial reality.