Project Profiles

Thibault & Associates Inc. has developed several customized hydrometallurgical circuits for the production of high purity metals and/or metal oxides from a wide variety of feedstocks.

In addition to the development of leaching unit operations, we have specialized in solution purification technology to achieve product purity in excess of 99.9% (3N) purity for electronic end use applications.

Our hydrometallurgical projects are executed to minimize on the environmental impact and solution purification experience is also utilized to provide optimum removal of metals from wastewater – to comply with environmental guidelines.

Our most recent projects within the hydrometallurgical sector includes:

Electrolytic Manganese Metal Process for Woodstock Manganese Deposit
Process Development for the Monument Bay Gold Project
Optimization of Tungsten Hydromet – Solution Purification for Nui Phao Operations
Assessment of Base Metal Added-Value Processing for Prairie Creek Operations
Antimony Oxide for Beaver Brook Operation
Zinc Metal and Indium Sponge Flowsheet for Mount Pleasant Property
Electrolytic Manganese Metal and Dioxide for Woodstock Manganese Property
Gold Hydromet In-Plant Process Intensification Studies
Rare Earth / Zirconium / Niobium / Tantalum Hydrometallurgical Flowsheet Development and Economic Modelling

Other hydrometallurgical projects completed by Thibault & Associates Inc. include the development or design of processing systems for the production of:

  • zinc and antimony metal or oxides using chloride or sulfate technology
  • gold and silver from refractory and non-refractory precious metal ores
  • high purity copper, nickel and cobalt using sulfate or chloride technology
  • yttrium and rare-earth production of metal carbonates, and
  • ammonium paratungstate, molybdenum oxide and copper oxide
  • battery grade graphite

Our Project Responsibilities

The development and design of unit operations to achieve the optimum extraction and solution purity to comply with product market specifications.

Our project team will conduct a detailed assessment of the market specifications and define impurities within the feedstock which impact on the integration of unit operations (processing stages).

Our bench scale and pilot test programs are conducted to assess both the technical and economic viability of the proposed hydrometallurgical technology. Unit operations are selected to confirm product yield/purity, production costs, reagent consumption and quality of effluent streams.