Project Profiles

Thibault & Associates Inc. has developed unique chemical processing flowsheets to include fully integrated processes for synthesis, product separation / purification and product recovery. Our in-house bench scale and mini-pilot facilities allow us to assess both design and operating parameters that impact on the process chemistry – for synthesis and refining of inorganic and organic compounds.

Our projects include the characterization of feedstock or utilization of waste products as an alternative feedstock for the production of added value chemicals. The commercial viability of producing chemicals using low grade or alternative feedstock is determined from our ability to assess the technical viability of impurity removal and the relative production costs.

Our most recent projects within the chemical sector include:

Development of High Purity Ammonium Paratungstate and Sodium Tungstate
Technical – Economic Assessment of Inorganic Chemical Production Opportunities
Antimony Oxide for Beaver Brook Operation
High Grade Magnesium, Potassium and Precipitated Silica Chemicals
Magnesium Chemicals and Precipitated Silica for Baie Verte Asbestos Tailings
Transportation Fuels for Albert County Oil Shale Deposit
Indium - Tin Oxide Recycling of Sputter Targets for Rhode Island Refinery
Design Review of Proprietary Process for Titanium Dioxide Production
Graphite Purification Process Development Review
Development of Chemical Purification Technology for Production of Battery-Grade Graphite
High-Level Operating Cost Assessment for Production of Battery-Grade Lithium Hydroxide

Other chemical projects completed by Thibault & Associates Inc. includes the development and design of processing systems for production of:

  • speciality metal compounds used for electronics and speciality chemicals
  • battery grade chemicals – vanadyl sulfate, lithium carbonate, manganese dioxide, graphite
  • transportation fuels from low grade / heavy oil feedstock
  • petrochemicals from natural gas and refinery by-products
  • building materials such as FGD gypsum, refractory brick / mineral wool insulation, and
  • speciality fertilizers such as urea, potassium sulfate and ammonium sulfate



Our Project Responsibilities

All of our chemical projects are based on the development and characterization of process chemistry relative to the feedstock composition.

Process chemistry is the foundation of all process flowsheet development. Our development of process simulation – economic modelling of the proposed flowsheet is based highly on our technical understanding of the chemistry for conversion, purification and product recovery.

Our test programs are designed to quantify the design and operating parameters which directly influence the process chemistry.