Thibault & Associates Inc. has a decades-long reputation for its practical, ‘hands-on’ capabilities in process development and plant design.

Our extensive knowledge of process scale-up and in-plant operations allows us to conduct bench-scale tests and pilot programs as an integral part of flowsheet design and feasibility assessment. Such tests can confirm or define operating conditions and process design parameters. They provide a cost-effective and efficient mechanism of technology transfer.

We perform bench-scale tests and pilot programs at our own engineering premises in Eastern Canada (Fredericton, New Brunswick). We also design and operate pilot and demonstration plants at client facilities, and manage specialized test programs at select independent facilities.

In-house facilities and capabilities of Thibault & Associates Inc. include:

  • bench-scale equipment to test process chemistry
  • mini-pilot plant equipment to define performance of unit operations
  • computer modelling to simulate process chemistry, equipment sizing and flowsheets
  • process control/expert systems and HMI interfaces
  • CAD design for PIDs, building and equipment layouts and piping isometrics
  • economic modelling to assess cash flows and sensitivity to investments
  • on-line database access to search technical literature