Your group seeks to strengthen its position in producing natural resource-based commodities. These could be specialty metals or they might be hydrocarbons such as shale oil (syncrude), transportation fuels and petrochemicals.

Your business plan may require an innovative chemical technology, a heavy industrial processing plant or a water treatment facility. But to make your vision a reality, you need people with chemical and engineering skills that specifically match your project.

Here’s how Thibault & Associates Inc. can help:

  • We become your owner’s engineer. Our team has decades of combined experience in managing metallurgical, hydrometallurgical, chemical and power generation projects. It’s like having your own technical team without the cost of full-time staff.
  • We manage all stages of your project. Our engineers integrate every production aspect — process design and engineering, capital and operating costs, market specifications and environmental compliance — through a single, hassle-free portal.
  • Our premises house bench-scale and mini-pilot facilities under one roof so we can coordinate test programs to align with your production objectives.
  • We practice staged strategic development of your project to ensure technical and commercial feasibility.
  • We develop the proprietary process … and you, the client, own all rights.